Did you get a 5 day notice?

Perhaps you’ve been behind on rent for a while, or maybe you just missed your first payment. Either way, if your landlord decides that they want to evict you for not paying rent, the first thing they have to do is give you a “5-Day Notice”.  

If you get a 5-Day Notice, here are a few DO’s and DONT’s of what to do next.


  • Pay the full amount of what you owe, before the end of the five-day period (if you can). 
  • Communicate with your landlord with the goal of asking them to hold off on filing an eviction case. You might let them know that you are trying to find rental assistance or offer them a reasonable date that you can move.
  • Keep a copy of the 5-Day Notice for your records.
  • Use Rentervention.com to learn more about your rights and talk to an attorney to discuss your specific situation.


  • Ignore the notice and hope it will go away.
  • Accept any verbal agreement with your landlord – Keep everything in writing