Can Rentervention Help Me During the COVID Crisis?

Have you lost your job because of COVID-19? Maybe you weren’t able to pay April rent. Are you anxious about how you’ll cover rent for May? Rest assured, Rentervention is here to help answer your questions. can:

  1. Give you advice about how to talk to your landlord about your situation;
  2. Connect you to resources that can help you keep up with your bills (including unemployment, food assistance, utilities, and rental assistance, if you might qualify); and
  3. Help you understand whether or not your landlord could evict you for not paying rent on time.

Maybe you have other questions about housing and COVID-19? For example, can help you understand your rights if your landlord is demanding access to your unit, inquiring regarding your health status or exposure to coronavirus, or expecting you to move out during the middle of the stay at home order.